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Heli Bar™ Replacement Handle Bar Systems for Modern Sports Bikes & Tourers

Heli Bar™ replacement handlebar systems are designed to provide the sport motorcycle rider with better handling, ergonomics, and greater long distance comfort, without distracting from sport riding excitement. By removing some weight from your hands and wrists, Heli Bars rotate your neck, shoulders, and lower back into much more relaxed, more vertical riding position.

We think you'll agree with thousands of happy customers that "performance shouldn't be painful!" When you receive a pair of Heli Bars™, you benefit from years of experience in riding comfort and performance. The research and development team has taken meticulous care to address every aspect of Heli Bars before they reach the product line. The goal of the company is to help you "Keep the sportbike and lose the discomfort."

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Q: Will Heli Bar™ Handlebar Adapters interfere with my tank or fairing?

A: As long as the installation instructions are followed, Heli Bar™ Handlebar Adapters will not contact your tank or fairing.

Q: Will I need to modify throttle cables or brake lines?

A: Most Heli Bar™ Handlebar Adapter models are designed to work with all of your stock cables and hydraulic lines. In some cases, it is necessary to replace your throttle cables or hydraulic lines. If longer lines or cables are required, they are provided with the Heli Bars™.

Q: Will Heli Bar™ Handlebar Adapters affect the handling of my bike?

A: In most Heli Bar™ Handlebar Adapter applications, there's an improvement in both low- and high-speed handling on the street. You also must take into consideration the fact that you'll be sitting more upright and therefore more in the windstream

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